Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

How long do you keep stuff on your refrigerator?

When it comes to attaching things to your refrigerator, much is simply whim and taste. But I'm wondering what LiveJournal Assembled does. Do you have a regular rotation? Is there a time limit? What replaces what, and when?

And indeed, do you use your refrigerator as a piece of ephemeral art in quite the same way I do?

In a rare and not-yet-comprehensive bout of cleaning, I'm finding postcards and such that I might want to put on my refrigerator. Yet, virtually every useful square inch is covered, at least on the front and the one visible side. Many of the postcards and magnets are several years old.

It's one thing to take down Holiday greetings a year after the holiday in question. It's also permissible to take down pictures of one year olds now that they're two and a half, even if I don't have a more recent snapshot. But I have lots of memorabilia: My own Antarctica postcards and Miami magnets (from 2005), vacation postcards from friends and relatives, postcard and magnet for The Biggest Ball of Twine In Minnesota (from many years ago), magnets sent by fans when I moved in here 12 years past and so on.

Time piles up. But where?
Tags: food

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