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Hidden Minneapolis: Cedar-Riverside 2009 Edition

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I took some Hidden Minneapolis pictures at the Cedar-Riverside area of Mpls last year. The Sgt. Pepper mural (the lower of the two) has been replaced. It was fading. During the Fringe, I kept passing the spot. Scaffolding was erected and work started on the new one, sponsored by Minnesota Microsystems (their mural credit is to the upper right, outside the shot). Presumably, it's finished by now; I should go back.

Minnesota Microsystems Mural, approx 6th and Cedar8/8/09 Minnesota Microsystems mural, approx 6th and Cedar, 8/8/09

New mural (replacing Sgt. Pepper) at the side of the building along Cedar, Minneapolis, MN
Minnesota Microsystems Mural, approx. 6th and Cedar, 8/8/09 Minnesota Microsystems mural, approx. 6th and Cedar, 8/8/09

Left half of mural, work in progress. Minneapolis, MN

To the right of the Palmer's mural (top one, duh) at about 5th and Cedar is a new garden and mural proudly proclaiming the area's designation and some of the home flags of the people who now live in the US.

Cedar-Riverside mural, 8/8/09 Cedar-Riverside mural, 8/8/09

Facing Cedar, Minneapolis, MN
Cedar-Riverside mural 8/7/09 Cedar-Riverside mural 8/7/09

More direct shot, facing Cedar. Minneapolis, MN

Wiki entry on Cedar-Riverside neighborhood, roughly equivalent to The West Bank (across the river from the main University of Minnesota campus, with many U buildings and a funky atmosphere; home to many interesting places including KFAI-FM).
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