Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Battlestar Galactica: Epic Fail

Battlestar Galactica season 4.5 finally came out on DVD and I flixed them almost immediately. The three-part finale is presented (on the last disc) in two ways: As aired, with a podcast commentary by Ronald D. Moore. And the unaired version, all three hours together, cut slightly differently with about 20 extra minutes of footage, with commentary by Moore, the other producer and the show's director.

Awful, simply awful.

I was going to write a longer review with spoilers under a tag, but I just don't have the energy. So you only get a quick spew with no spoilers. I watched the whole DVD, which means seeing the finale four times. The unaired version is better, but still just dreadful.

If you liked the show, pretend season 4.5 does not exist. Maybe even the last year. Then it might have a shot of being remembered as a good show.

My comments all along proved true: The mini-series pilot was great, and it was all downhill from there.

One of the versions of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy did exactly this plot much better. The ship Battlestar Galactica has been revealed to be... the B-Ark. Thanks to Adama and co., some guy's going to be nailed to a piece of wood and we won't learn anything from it.

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