Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Saturday Morning Quiz Stomping

Yet another in the series. Various quizzes, challenges and other bits of anarchy from over on Facebook. Collect them all! Trade your Friends!

Baron Dave Romm...

... took the challenge, "How many planets besides Earth have you visited?" with the reluctant answer, "None; Pluto isn't a planet".

... took the quiz "Which Road Not Taken Are You?" with the result being "the long and winding road".

... took the quiz, "Which of the Great Pyramids are you?" with the result "Pyramid of Khafre".

... ponders the backstory behind, "Of all the gin joints in all the towns of the world, she walks into mine" and realizes that some women like booze no matter who's pouring.

... took the challenge, "How clean are you?" with the result "Zestfully clean".

... is not Bill Gate's Facebook Friend. And neither are you.

... took the quiz "MMPI" and was forced to admit that yes, he is indeed a secret messenger of G_d. Please don't tell anyone.

... didn't move to Minnesota to be warm. [on a day where the temperature hit 90]

... took the quiz, "Which of Brett Favre's former teams is laughing the hardest?" with the result: The Atlanta Falcons. Finally, their trade is paying off in Packer apoplexy.

... took the quiz, "Which is more likely to get you arrested: Showing up to a Bush speech in an anti-Bush t-shirt or showing up to an Obama speech with a picture of Obama as Hitler and packing an automatic weapon?" with the result, "Obama has balls, Bush is a girly-man".

... notes wryly: In the last couple of weeks, Mpls sports teams have acquired an aging football player from Mississippi and lost a young basketball player to Spain. Both moves are touted as strengthening the respective teams. Go fig.

... took the quiz, "Does Rep. Joe Wilson kiss his mother with that mouth?" with the result, "Eeewwwwww."

... realized, suddenly, that 3.58% of his Facebook Friends were mother/daughter combinations (20/559). Father/son or other relationships are well represented but aren't quite as high. I don't have an explanation. And I don't know all of you enough to completely peg your relatives.

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