Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Shockwave Radio Theater Samplers 1-4

For the 20th Anniversary of Shockwave in 1999, I used the new (to me) technology of digitization to develop four Samplers. I thought these four 15 min. files would remind long-time fans of their favorite bits, explore some lesser-known aspects of the show over two decades and introduce a new audience to Shockwave Radio Theater. Whee!

I gathered these, plus a few other files such as my interview with Gov. Jesse Ventura, in a Distribution CD called The 20-Year Free-Fall. The Samplers are now available as mp3 for the first time. I've added the links to the Shockwave Radio audio page. The direct links are:

Shockwave Sampler 1: an intro to Shockwave
Shockwave Sampler 2: more obscure references
Shockwave Sampler 3: The Time Traveler Cycle
Shockwave Sampler 4: movie parodies and more

Annotations for The 20-Year Free-Fall, listing all the bits in the Samplers and where they came from.

Full interview with Gov. Jesse Ventura, conducted 9/9/99 (Real Media, 17:37). Real Audio circa 1999; you might need to download the .ram and open that.


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