Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Convivial 2009: Day 2 (almost)

Added most (but not all) shots from Saturday to Convivial 2009 FB gallery. This is the same public link as yesterday, and will contain any additions I make later.

Saturday at Convivial started late for me, as I didn't get home from Friday until early am. Then was soporific until Scott, Irene, Mark and I went to the Outback for dinner. Mainly, I needed coffee, but I ordered their smallest steak. As usual, I ordered it "as rare as you can legally make it". It came what I would call Medium Rare. Usually, I don't bother complaining, but Outback prides itself as a steak place, so I sent it back. And got a real Rare steak! And coffee! Oh, I was awake.

Sat around discussing sharp point things at the Geek "Show Me" panel, so it's a good thing I was alert. Then Brother Seamus (in some configuration) played. They're pretty good, and managed to do versions of several of my favorite songs. Yay!

Well, now I'm headed back to the con. Hope K is feeling up to her collage panel.

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