Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Alternate History Dreams

Hmm... I better write this down before it goes away.

I will often have dreams that are sequels of previous dreams. I'll have some sort of dream, forget it during the conscious phase of existence, then sometime later have a dream which is a continuation of a previous dream. The sequel can be fairly soon afterward or much later.

But this time, I had a dream which must have been just a few days ago. I was at a large sf convention. A group of us were headed toward a panel. On Being Weird, or somesuch. I was on the panel, as were several of the people I was with. We had a great time beforehand, after a long night of partying (or something), and everyone was in a boisterous mood, including the other panelists and audience (when we got to the programming room). We started way late, and finished early. In fact, we started so late that I could have taken a shower before the panel.

Last night, I started to have the same dream, but remembered that we had started late. So I excused myself to head to my room to take a shower. In my room, as in the first dream, was another party (I detect a bit of a theme here, actually). I successfully took a shower and changed clothes... and got caught up in the party in my room. Never made it to the panel.

Later, I met people who had been at the panel. From their comments, it was clear the panel had gone basically the same way as the one from the earlier dream. Which I had been to. I felt like I had some sort of secret knowledge. More importantly, I felt like I had been on the panel and could just continue as if I'd been there. Hey, it was my dream, twice. The second was not a sequel, but alternate history. I don't recall that happening in quite the same way.

I seem to be remembering dreams more, or at least remembering interesting ones long enough to make LJ entries. Perhaps it's the energy drinks I've been using instead of coffee, which have caffeine plus taurine and ginkgo biloba and such.

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