Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Happy MMX

Just posted over in supergee's LJ, which was related to a discussion in jrittenhous''s LJ and want to bring the discussion here.

Basically: what do you call this next secular year, and can you do end of decade summations when the decade doesn't end for a year?

Both questions are unimportant, and have therefore generated much virtual ink.

I'm likely to call the next secular year by whatever has the fewest syllables. Of the common suggestions, "Twenty Ten" comes out on top. I like my own suggestion of "MMX". On the other hand, I liked 1999 being "MIM" and few people took me up on that one.

Meanwhile: You can do a summary of a decade anytime you want. If you want to do a summary of the decade, you have to define your terms. The decade of living in this house, the decade of marriage, the decade since disco died.

I like to be precise, accurate, geeky and don't mind annoying the proles. But we're an odometer society and like our numbers heterogeneous. We also eat at McDonald's, watch American Idol and listen to rap. At some level, pointing out the fallacies in pop culture is too tiring. No, I'm not going to stop being snooty, but I'll probably be smiling, or at least smirking.

I'm seriously considering abandoning the whole "decade" thing (or downplaying it, anyway) for a review of the last 15 years. 15 years is a much more useful cycle to look at, since that's roughly how long it takes for something to affect society. And I can start anytime. I can do yearly 15 year reviews. And do them in March. Hah!

Happy MMX.

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