Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Saturday Morning Quiz Stomping: Nixon's Birthday Edition

In honor of the birthday of Richard M. Nixon, we present The Return of the Facebook Status Updates. Various quizzes, challenges and other bits of anarchy from over on Baron Dave's Facebook. Some of these go back several months since the last collection, and are not in chronological order. Enjoy. Or whatever it is that people do with status updates.

Baron Dave Romm...

... is for mism. Are euphemism?

... is stationed to be. Are Eustachian Tube? [don't say this out loud]

... is for Eeyore. Are Euphoria?

... ain't da one who ripped dem up. Did Euripides?

... is confused by quarts and yards and ounces. Am Isometric?

... is part of a group that's losing interest in reggae. Are ouija board? [obscure note: "ja" is Jamaican for "god" and is used as an emphasis syllable in many reggae songs, to help them scan, like "yeah"]

... doesn't want to shlep the grain. Will eukaryotes?

... liked to sing Harry Belafonte songs at Capt. Bligh. Did Judeo-Christian? [say it out loud]

... (12/27) thanks all Wiccans and everyone who participated in a Solstice ritual. The days are getting longer! You did it! A grateful hemisphere salutes you.

... (12/31) has a suggestion as to what to call the new year: MMX

... joined the group, "I Bet I Can Find One Person To Join This Group! Please Spread The Word." which then closed since it had achieved its goal. Wow, Facebook is awesome.

... took the challenge, "What's your favorite obscure punchline that doesn't work without the joke?" with the result being "9W".

... (9/16) Facebook user base is nearly as large as the US Population, but I only have .5kilofriends. Where is everyone? Oh yeah, they're complaining about Facebook...

... will now always play the previous PowerBall numbers if no one wins with them. Hey, it could happen again.

"We had no domestic terror attacks under Bush," said Rudy Guiliani. Within minutes, Time Magazine revoked its Man of the Year award.

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