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CD Exchange time is neigh!

It's time once again for the CD Exchange! In years past, diverse peoples have exchanged Drinking Songs, Songs of Joy, Songs of Madness and perhaps one or two others. Sometimes this a mix gets exchanged at the Pool Party, sometimes at Marscon, sometimes at Minicon. The timing is less important than the exchange.

Basic rules: We pick a topic, make the requisite number of copies, and exchange them with each other. Let us know (either here or in other's LJ or FB) so we know how many copies to make.

Suggested topics for this year include:

Colors (from mle292)

Trees, Leaves, Brush and other foliage (inspired by pegkerr, and I already have one)

Covers (one of my favorite sub-categories)

Songs From My Childhood (yet another)

I recall making other suggestions in previous years, but apparently not in my LJ. Does dreamshark remember?

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