Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Goin' Places

After tweaking for a while, I have the playlist for the CD Exchange. Bouncing off the theme of "Road Trip", I wanted to establish a few rules for myself: Any song had to involve going someplace (as opposed to leaving, or coming home) and mention a mode of transportation. Naturally, I bent my own rules a bit. The title comes from the Kingston Trio album.

Pamela Brown – Leo Kottke 4:02
Hearts And Bones – Paul Simon 5:41
California Here I Come – Al Jolson 3:12
Gonna Go To Borneo – Tom Chapin 4:15
Peach Cobbler – Feng Shui Ninjas 1:17
Prisoner of the Highway – Ronnie Milsap 4:08
King of the Road – Roger Miller 2:24
Rock Island Line – The Lonnie Donigan Skiffle Group 2:29
Wabash Cannonball – The Chieftans 3:23
The Wife of the Soldier – Steeleye Span 2:40
Darlington County – Bruce Springsteen 4:50
The Troubles – The Roches 3:27
Roadhouse Blues – The Doors 4:03
RV – Dana Lyons 3:45
Bridge and Tunnel Girls – Peter Stempfel 4:23
Lullaby Of Broadway – The Andrews Sisters 2:46
Montego Bay – Bobby Bloom 2:57
Graceland – Paul Simon 4:51
The Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota – Weird Al Yankovic 6:46

I may tweak this just a little more. But I can't really justify "Fireball XL-5"...

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