Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

"Ode To Baron Dave" by Marian Turner

Baron Dave is so deeply, wicked cool, he will never be hot.
He's a *doer* of things, not a *thing* to be got.
If he's in the spot-light, and feels it getting too warm,
he s-l-i-d-e-s to the side, with his small town New York charm.
The Baron's proud of his work, and deep in his thought,
and so deeply, wicked cool... he's hot.
-- Marian Turner

One of my objects at Closing Ceremonies is to find people in thankless tasks and thank them for their efforts. Marian pointed out that I rarely introduce myself beyond the tent card. So she came up with this, for Closing Ceremonies at the most recent Minicon.

Flattering! Thanks, Marian.

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