Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Saturday Morning Quiz Stomping: The Popsicle Stick Edition

Facebook status updates of a humorous or semi-humorous nature.

Baron Dave Romm...

... had a good time in an unfamiliar bar for Rob Callahan's birthday bash.  And Team Awesome! won the Trivia contest by a wide margin.  Plus, I invented a pizza.  Didn't stay for the Dr. Who movie.  See pictures in the Misc 2010 gallery. 

... remembers the first Earth Day, 40 years ago. Recovering from a broken leg, one leg was much stronger than the other, so I was in charge of crushing aluminum cans. Ah, those were the days. Some people listened to the environmentalists; not enough, and we're paying for it now.

... added more Marscon Macros to the 2010 contest.  Now, to finish listening to the Nuclear Bubble Wrap CDs I got at the con for review. [ed note: Came in second in the contest.]

... won at Trivia last night in a big way.  We answered all 20 questions correctly and scored our highest point total ever.  This caps an astonishingly successful week of Trivia for me, personally.  Earlier in the week Team Awesome! won Rob's Birthday Trivia and at the MN-StF meeting Saturday I beat out some tough competition to win a game of Trivial Pursuit.

College professor haiku ( per Deb Geisler)
Paper needs grading
shows ken but not mastery
student gets a B

Burning your castles at both ends: There's a White Castle across the street from me as I type. I could go there to have breakfast, but won't. Nor do I need the scent of White Castles to greet me... ever. Do you? What fast-food scented candle would YOU buy, and what memories would it evoke? [Link to White Castle unveils burger-scented candle]

The market was so bad today that Goldman Sachs had to lay off three congressmen." -- Jay Leno 5/6/10

How do you brush a bee's hair?  With a honey comb. -- Humor on a popsicle stick

What kind of clothes do frogs wear?  Jumpsuits. -- Humor on a popsicle stick

What do you call a canine that lives at the beach?  A hot dog. -- Humor on a popsicle stick

What happened to the cat who ate a ball of yarn?  She had mittens. -- Humor on a popsicle stick

What is black and white and blue all over?  A zebra at the North Pole. -- Humor on a popsicle stick

And now, the last one... What falls down but never gets hurt?  Rain. -- Humor on a popsicle stick

What is a cat's favorite desert? Pie a la Meow'd. -- Humor on a popsicle stick (yes, I had some more!)

Previous batch. Hey, I'm caught up... for now.

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