Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Pledge Drive week on Fresh Air Radio

Just a reminder for those of you who don't listen to Shockwave regularly: It's our Spring Pledge Drive! Shockwave is on Saturdays at 3:30-4pm Central, and you can listen in the Twin Cities at 903.FM Mps and 106.7FM St. Paul. We also stream on the web in several different formats from the KFAI Live page.

612-375-9030. Operators are standing by. Be sure to mention Shockwave if you're not calling when we're on the air. We have lots of premiums special to Shockwave Radio Theater.

You can become a member of KFAI over the net. Shockwave has more Premiums than are listed on the web. Let me know if you contributed this way and I'll see that you get something unique.

KFAI is listener supported and volunteer operated. If you like what you hear, please support KFAI. We want to continue to bring you programming that you just won't find anywhere else! This week, Brian Westley and I will be commenting on the news, and I'll be playing an assortment of favorites. I have more penguin sounds recorded in Antarctica. I just got a CD from The Auto Body Experience. Might play other obscure and otherwise unavailable cuts.

Thanks for your support!

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