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2010 Fringe Festival Day 2: Misses and very big hits

continued from Day 1: Vroom!. Went to all four Fringe slots so didn't take many pictures, though I did get a few video interviews.

The Little Prince

xx one and a half stars, rounded up

Responsible for your rose

A for Effort, especially the five year old (?) playing the Little Prince, and the costumes. But the show felt more like a kindergarden presentation (with a few grownups) that only a parent would love. Rounded up for the live music.

This show looked interesting, but was really pretty awful. I'm being generous rounding up; it's not the kid's fault. Mainly, I picked this show because it was in the same venue as the next show.

An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein


Drags you into his world

Shel Silverstein had a long and varied career. Picking just the right six is a hard choice, and these are excellent. The two actors, who play all the parts in all the skits, are great, morphing from one odd character to another with minimal props. Much of the drama and humor comes from one person dragging the other into their world, whether a husband convincing his bag lady wife to go back to being middle class or a wife creating a scenario where the husband has to decide who to sacrifice for the greater good. The first two shows sold out, so get those reservations in now.

Okay, now that I've "heard" his voice, I want to read more Shel Silverstein.

For Superlatives of Excellence: A festival of breviloquent masterworks by Josef Evans

***** five and a half stars, rounded down because I have to

Ninja astronomer feminists

One of the best Fringe shows I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot. True, I tend to like weird shows about weird people doing weird things. And comparing this show to almost any other is like comparing apples to submarines. But Superlatives of Excellence manages to be wondrously mounted and performed AND ultra-fringy. The theater wasn't quite packed for the first show, but I predict it will be for the rest of the run.

Alternate title for the review: "The 'G' is silent. I'm hesitant to say this is the best Fringe show I've ever seen, since comparisons can't really give the impact of the show. Impact on me, anyway, and on most of the audience. And I don't want to raise expectations for a show that relies, at least a little, on the fourth wall. Still, I had a great time.

Grimaldi's Chicken


A lot of love in the chicken

A nicely presented bit o'fluff, with some sharp acting and okay writing. A bitchy woman decides to divorce her failed comedian husband just as he is on the verge of success with… well, that would be telling. Even at 35 minutes, the skit seemed padded. I had fun, but not hula hoop-level fun.

I can reveal here what I was hesitant to on the Fringe site: Grimaldi's Chicken is the infamous rubber chicken. No, they don't do a lot with the chicken. Most of the humor is in reactions to Grimaldi's invention. Mostly works, but needed another scene or two and maybe someone actually using a rubber chicken.

Continued in Day 3: A Very Solid Outing.
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