Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Dad Songs: Wilbur the Weatherman, In-laws

While cleaning up and tossing various random pieces of paper, I came across this plain typed page. The rest of the stack had dates of 2001-2004, and my father died in 1999, and other indications are that this is typed by someone else from memory, probably my brother Joe. I recognized it instantly.

Here are two songs written my father, A. N. Romm and sung to us kids all the time. I can still sing the first one, but only remember the tune to the last two lines of the second. I'm posting them online for posterity.

Wilbur, the Weatherman

Oh, Wilbur was a weatherman, he really was glum.
Till he wrote a song the girls thought he was dumb.
He took a note or two
Added words he knew
Now he sings earnestly to his sweatie

Oh, whether the weather is hot
Or whether the weather is not
Whether it's snowy or whether it's warm
We'll be together to weather the storm
Whatever the weather may bring
In autumn or winter or spring
Through ice or monsoon, dear,
Tornado typhoon dear
At midnight or noon, dear
You're my everything

Oh Wilbur's little ditty won him many a girl
Finally a special one made his heart whirl
And now they sit and sigh
As they prophesy (?)
They figure the weather and sing together

Oh, whether the weather is fair
Or weather it's cold we don't care
Whether the raindrops come down from above
The wetter the weather the better for love
However the elements sting
Your praises on high I will sing
Through wind storm or sleet, dear
Through tropical heat, dear
I'd like to repeat, dear
You're my everything


In-laws, my sweetie's family
In-laws, they'll be the death of me
They always swarm down on our little nest
Eating the food and drinking the rest

My goodness
In-laws, I didn't marry them
In-laws, they ought to bury them
They ought to pass a new law, by-law or blue law
Outlawing in-laws now!

(For the record, my father got along great with my mother's family, as far as I could tell. He just liked the rhymes.)

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