Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

My set: Songs I would play were I to be able to play the guitar

Gathering all my cassettes in one place and sorting them, I came across very early effort for KFAI. The Wave Project is a Do-It-Yourself show. Shockwave Radio Theater was doing original science fiction and playing with the minds of our listeners. Nonetheless, I consider myself a musician.

I volunteered to to a Wave Project on October 19, 1981, and submitted a tape, with my spoken intros, canned applause and the music I would play. If I played. Which I don't. Here is my set list for a virtual gig:

Intro (recording of me introducing the concept and welcoming everyone)
Streets of London (30 years later, still my favorite song)
Applause (I pulled these from various live recordings)
John Barleycorn
Demon Lover
Intro/Drag Queen Blues lyrics
Applause/outro to break

One Meatball
Little Red Riding Hood
Time In A Spraycan (A Shockwave Radio Theater bit I wrote, available as audio)
Australian Table Wines
Invitation to the Ping Pong Ball
Saucy Sailor (my traditional last song)

I find it vastly amusing that I can, in 2010, find audio and/or video links to almost all of these except the Shockwave. You can even find audio for Drag Queen Blues, but on various annoying mp3 sites and usually excerpts, so I didn't link to any of them.

Anyway... thanks for coming out tonight. I'll be here for the next three decades. Be sure to tip your waitress and pay your shareware fees. G'night!

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