Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Brief Minicon Report Part I

I wanted to be brief, but my fingers kept going.

I had a great time. I had more fun than at any Minicon since the big ones, and a much higher fun/not-fun percentage.

The Doug Friauf pictures came off spectacularly well. I'd been drafted to collect pictures and make a poster montage. The former proved a bit problematic -- most of the older pictures of Doug taken by non-MN-STFers are prints in a shoebox and uncatalogued. Fortunately, Doug himself had a bunch of photos (in the traditional shoebox). I took new ones, dd_b contributed several great shots including a scan of a Minicon work party from 1981, and Mitch P had a nice Minicon picture. I took the five best and highest resolution shots and printed them 8x10. I took the next five best and next highest and made 5x7s, and printed over thirty at the Walgreen's standard 4x6. Many of the shots were smaller than 4x6 and didn't come out well. I'm glad we had a larger pool to work from. I glommed onto those neat triptych posterboards, and brought various supplies to the Work Party on Wednesday. At this point I'd been looking at the pictures for a long time and needed fresh eyes. Besides, gluing things onto other things has never been my specialty. minnehaha K and Lisa F. did an outstanding job picking the photos/captions to be used, arranging them on the poster and gluing them down. Thanks!

One poster was put up in each consuite. I don't think Minicon did very well by Doug -- my interview with him as Rolling Ambassador was sparsely attended and Greg's interview with him on movies also didn't get many people -- but the posters made him visible. I heard (through Greg), of one incident where a five-year-old saw Doug in the Consuite and said, "You're famous!" and gushed over him because his pictures were on display.

During the con, I managed to interact with all three Guest of Honor, which is unusual. I didn't know John Picacio at all before Minicon, but we had several conversations about Opening Ceremonies and his panel with Ctein on artwork was good. I gave him a Shockwave Silver CD, which he sounded very interested in.

I'm one of the people who it's best Harlan Ellison didn't remember from way back when. Starting over, we had a great time. Harlan's Thursday talk was amazing. After a Sci-Fi Channel feature on his life, he went into a two-and-a-half hour ramble. Just wonderful. I was audio taping his talk, and ran out of tape; only got the first two hours. As I was setting up, the Manager came by to remind us that we officially had the room until 9:30. I said we might go over, and he sort of waved that off as okay. It's a good thing, since Harlan didn't stop until 10 o'clock. Indeed, the only reason he stopped was because he had to go sign some books. This happened several times. During the signing, I asked him (though his wife) if he would be part of the Shockwave play at Opening Ceremonies. I left them a copy of the script.

dreamshark wanted a report on Harlan's talk for the first edition of the Bozo Bus Tribune. I was happy to do so, but it meant arriving at the con earlier on Friday than I had planned.

Hmm... we're not up to the beginning of the convention yet, and I'm going to stop for the nonce...

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