Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Reen Brust Memorial images posted

Finished editing photos from this weekend, and have posted them as public galleries on Facebook.

Conjecture images from Oct. 15-17 2010CE. A Reen Brust Memorial was held on Sunday, and some of the images here overlap or are related.

Reen Brust Memorials at Conjecture and Courts of Chaos.

The advantage, for me, of photographing an event is that I get to keep memories alive, relive the experience and show everyone how it looked through my eyes.

The disadvantage is that, sometimes, I'm looking at the world from behind a lens and don't really feel the full force of emotion until I see the pictures or the full presentation.

Reen's passing was less of a shock than the end of an era. One of Mpls fandom's premier Earth Mothers has been laid to rest. Just how much she meant to so many people was supremely evident at the memorials and I'm glad I recorded parts of them... but her loss is just starting to sink in.

Karma, neh?

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