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Minicon 22 & Minicon 23 photos found!

More than half of my film photographs have been scanned, though that's a guess. I tried to do fannish ones first, but a certain degree of randomness was involved at all phases. In digging through my digital files, I found 17 images of mplsvala! I went through my unsorted film piles to find more. I didn't find more Reen pics, but I did find several rolls of film that hadn't been scanned.

At the time, pre-web and pre-Facebook, I would bring a developed roll of film to the next MN-StF meeting or two and pass the pics around. Every now and then, someone would ask for a print. I almost always said yes, saying to myself, "well, I still have the negatives." This has left some interesting holes in the scanned images. I found three rolls that were more "lost" than usual: The negatives for the 1987 and 1988 Minicon.

Jeanne Mealey and I published Rune 78, all about Minicon 23, 1988. At the time, photocopied fanzines were top o' the line, and (with permission from the MN-StF Board) we went all out: nice offset, a nifty multi-page cover from Teddy Harvia, the Operations Log from M23 (with different handwriting in different fonts), a 2000+ printrun... and a bunch of screened photos. All the photos were taken by me (with the one I'm in taken by my mother) and Terry Garey so rights weren't a problem.

Still, the prints were manually cropped (w/scissors) and separated from the negatives. In addition, some prints were kept in other places, and some were given to various people. Ah, I says to myself, I still have the negatives. Which, twenty years later, I do. With the help of the Walgreens across the street, I have digitized the color negatives from 1987 and the black and white rolls from 1988.

click on picture for larger picture

The first picture The first picture

The first known picture of the Minnehaha's together. Minicon 23, 1988.

This is one of my favorite "lost" images. minnehaha B (or K) asked for this at the time, and had it framed. Many of you have seen it sitting on the table near their front door. It's probably my most widely seen photo outside of digitized images on the web. I'm glad I found the negative. Perhaps I'll make a larger photo for their new house.

Margie Lessinger Margie Lessinger

Margie Lessinger at Minicon 23, 1988. Photo used in Rune 78.
Scott Imes Scott Imes

Scott Imes, Minicon 22, 1987. Photo used in Rune 78

Jeanne and I tried to pair up the pictures on facing pages. In the captions for Rune, I cheated a bit. The first one reads "Margie Lessinger, After Haircut" and the second reads "Scott Imes, With No Comment On Haircut". While Margie's caption was true, the picture of Scott was from the year before. But it seemed appropriate to link their captions.

Closing Ceremonies Closing Ceremonies

Closing Ceremonies, Minicon 23, 1988. Photo used in Rune 78.
Closing Ceremonies Closing Ceremonies

Closing Ceremonies Minicon 23, 1988.

At the con, I was pretty sure we were going to do a Minicon issue. So for Closing Ceremonies, I had everyone wave to the camera. We only had space for one picture, so chose the former.

Kathy Marschall Kathy Marschall

Kathy Marschall, Minicon 23, 1988.
Kathy Marschall Kathy Marschall

Kathy Marschall, Minicon 23, 1988. Photo used in Rune 78.

Jeanne and I have similar taste in humor, and we used the second Kathy Marschall photo without much discussion. Kathy also liked it.

Full public galleries of smaller images on Facebook: Minicon 22, 1987 and Minicon 23, 1988

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