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Cross another item off the bucket list

I played Barbies.

My 3 3/4 year-old niece Antonia (only occasionally known as Tua) is up to Barbie. As an Uncle-level playmate, I read her stories and played with her new range of toys. Shoots and Ladder was open on the ground, but unused. Her favorite pastime seems to be bouncing on the mini-trampoline. In princess garb. This was my first time with these dolls, iirc, but she was an old hand.

Our shared Barbie experience wasn't particularly long or, I fear, coherent. I remember Barbie riding in on My Little Pony to help Antonia's unicorn save the day.

Still, I'd have to rate our story arc as more faithful than that of Tangled. The new Disney version of Rapunzel is a fine, affecting, story. But it has little or nothing to do with the traditional fairy tale. The set-up, in brief: A king and queen are having a baby, but the expectant mother is going to die in childbirth. The king sends out soldiers to find the one flower that can heal anything. The flower is jealously guarded by an old crone, who uses the flower to remain young for hundreds and hundreds of years. The king finds the flower and heals his wife. The flower is used up, but its powers are transferred to the child. Who is promptly kidnapped by the crone and locked away in a tower. Where, 18 years later, a thief... well, more would be spoiler.

Suffice it to say that this is another Disney film aimed at empowering girls. Not a bad thing in and of itself, but no one else needs to see this movie. Boys don't come off well. Parents don't come off well. Indeed, Tangled will do for petulant teen girls who are sure they are adopted and that their mother hates them what Hamlet did for teen boys who are sure their father hates them and their mother doesn't care.

Not much Rapunzel; more Aladdin (with a thief swooping in) and The Little Mermaid (with the princess leaving home to find True Love) with a dash of 1001 Dalmatians (with the villainess). The 3D is nice and used to good effect, but not necessary to the story. Our 3-yo wore the glasses without complaint.

I'm still in DC, typing on a borrowed laptop. Pictures and maybe more of a report when I get back. And help Carole move in...

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