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New picture galleries & status update catch up

continued from Catching up on FB status updates (first snowfall edition)

Recently posted public galleries on Facebook:

20101118 Native American Family Involvement Day. Carole V. has now moved in. She works about three miles from here, so moving to the city saves a huge commute from Eagan. She invited me to NAFID, where I took a bunch of pictures and some video. The raptor/dancing event was covered by the local public tv station (or so I'm told) hence the low priority on my little Flipcam videos.

20101118 Ricky Kimmet Returns. Probably of limited interest to LJ but I include it here for completeness. Suzy Kimmet is a waitress at Champions, the bar across the street. She's great, our Trivia group's own Diane Chambers. Over the years, I've made mix CDs for her and her three kids. Two years ago, her oldest graduated HS and enlisted, thence stationed in Korea. Suzy threw a party for his return, mainly for Ricky's friends but a few adults showed up as well.

20101124-28 Thanksgiving in DC. Back in DC for our family's traditional Thanksgiving gathering. As usual, it was a small but tasty affair. My niece Tua is approaching four; a bundle of energy and cute. I premiered the full hour and 44 minute version of Surprise! Joe Romm's 50th Birthday.

Also, I got my mother on Facebook. Those of you who know her and are also on FB may want to Friend her. She'll probably be at Minicon again this year. I'm not sure she's logged in since the initial foray on Sunday, but she'll get around to it.

Okay, some FB status entries. They include some politics and Reen links, and will pull out just one above the cut.

Stephen Colbert vs. Antonin Scalia.  "A good Supreme Court justice is a Constitutional scholar first and a time traveling mind reader second.... Now, if you're offended by Scalia's argument, perhaps you should defend your rights with force of arms.  But remember, by this argument, the Second Amendment gives you the right to bear only blunderbusses and flintlock pistols."  Colbert wins.

Baron Dave Romm...

…goes positive.  The case FOR voting for the Democratic candidate(s) in your area.
( in comments) There you go: Another reason to vote for the Democratic candidate, the one closest to the center (which means farthest to the left): We need to teach teabaggers some manners.

They can misspell their insults at their corporate-funded "rallies", but in the Real World (tm), we look down on such low-lifes. Maybe -- just maybe -- they'll grow up.

Tea Party = Republican Party.  "In the survey, 71% of Republicans described themselves as tea-party supporters".  Sane Republicans failed to hold their party.  And this is firing up the Democratic base. [though not, alas, enough]

Yes, I would do this.

Fourth or fifth in a series, depending on just how you count it... Grading on a curve

Bee colony murder mystery solved by academics and Homeland Security:  "A fungus tag-teaming with a virus have apparently interacted to cause the problem" see also this

Reen Brust lived a full life and raised four wonderful kids. She didn't get out much in recent times, but her passing will leave a big hole.
This hasn't been a good week for too many of my FB friends. Sympathies to all.

...celebrates Life, The Universe and Everything Day:  10/10/10 = 101010 = 42 in binary.  Okay, it's a stretch, but isn't life, the universe and everything?

... remembers a friend and neighbor.  Tagging Corwin Brust, Carolyn Koefod, Aliera Brust, Antonia Brust. 

... just got back from seeing _The Social Network_. Facebook was incorporated on my birthday... and no one tagged me! Humph. In any event, today is 10^23 x 6.02: Avogadro's Day. For the next hour.

And 92 percent of kids now have some sort of online presence by age 2 [STrib link may be slow].  Hey kid, learn how to spell, okay? 7 Percent of Babies Now Have Email Addresses

RIP the mp1 player, and it's offspring:  The Mix Tape [original link from NPR disappeared]:  "For those young and unfamiliar with this process, making a mixtape typically entailed gathering songs by the Cure and Depeche Mode, labeling the tape with care and awkwardly giving it to a love interest in homeroom."

Happy Channukkah all!

continued in FB Status updates, election edition

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