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FB Status updates, election edition

continued from New picture galleries & status update catch up, comprising the updates just before, during and after the election. Yes, I'm that far behind, and yes, I'm that much of a completist...

A lot of FB status updates, mostly links, to give you something to read on Boxing Day.

Baron Dave Romm...

The conservative news media whipped the GOP "base" of hate-filled nutjobs into a frenzy during the early part of the horserace, but the rest of the country is coming through down the stretch.

Another brilliant episode of Glee.  Even the high school soap opera worked.  The Rocky Horror bits were great, and the dialog often hysterical.  Yay for Sue's Corner!  Glee is easily the best show on tv at the moment (imrho), outpacing The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family.

"What are you going to be for Halloween this year?"
"I'm going as a peanut allergy."
-- Kurt to Brittany, Rocky Horror Glee Show

We need to elect people NOW who will handle the climate change disasters that are happening NOW.  Get mad at the racist nutjobs who don't live in the real world, and get enthusiastic about voting for liberal Democrats.  This is an important election.

Republicans don't believe in Democracy.  Conservatives don't believe in America.  This is the _teabagger_ site urging people to screw with the election process.

… is annoyed that Halloween has gone from "scary" to "slutty". Still, costumes like this make up for a lot.

{liveblogging} Mythbusters at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear!  I don't know whether this is sane or scary.  (Rally broadcast on comedy central or streamed on the web site.)

Liberals are defined by who they love.  Sort of like Jesus.  Conservatives are defined by who they hate.  Sort of like Osama bin Laden.

... voted!  I was the 13th person to register (at 7:15am) but cast the 14th ballot in my precinct because I carefully voted for all the unopposed judges just in case Lisa Murk. decided to write herself in...

Voter fraud in MN:  Republicans are always soft on crime when it's theirs.

URGENT: Tea Party Activists Intimidate Black College Students in SC

Bogus Robocalls Still Bombarding Kansas

Voter suppression reported in NC.  "This is not the first complaint of dirty tricks in this election."  The earlier complaint from the goppies...

I give Obama much credit for trying to be post-partisan, but it didn't work. The racist nutjobs who can't add and subtract are running the loony bin. As it stands after the election, the Tea Party Republicans are to the extreme right and the Democrats are far more to the heroic left than last week. Ulrika O'Brien's LJ post is one part of the message that needs to be said.

1 1/2 of my predictions (out of 2) were right.  Let's go with that...

We KNOW what Republicans will do:  They will lie:  "Things that would have been disprovable myths in times past in America now become conservative truths."  In Christianity, this is called "bearing false witness".  

(reply in Climate Progress to What should Climate Hawks do now?) Conservatives believe lies and don't believe the truth. So to stir them to action, let's start a few rumors:

Shari'a Law requires the burning of coal.

George Soros made his money in offshore oil drilling.

Illegal immigrants are against solar power, since they want to steal our jobs.

It's harder to hide illegal immigrants in hybrid or electric cars, since the heat signature is different.

China is leading the world in new environmental technology and will soon replace the US as the world leader in science and job creation. (Oh wait, that's true... won't fly...)

* My brother and mother waaaaay above the ground in West Virginia.

…has an extra hour to anticipate a Vikings game they stand a chance of winning.  Whee!

Public opinion snapshot: No conservative mandate.  I'm going to link to my brother's blog and not the original because he has niftier graphics.  Basically, the GOP did well because Obama and the Democrats weren't liberal enough (and the Citizens United ruling flooded the airwaves with foreign money).

continued in FB status updates, catching up, dammit

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