Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm


Outsourced is a fun little tv program (based on the movie Outrsourced which I've never seen) that's opposite other programs I record, so I've mainly seen it during rerun season. A novelty sales department is outsourced to India, and the American department head has to handle his phone bank of locals. The episode Bolloween was on a few nights ago, with this exchange (from memory):

Todd (describing his previous Halloween costume): "I came dressed up in a box with a pink ribbon. Get it? 'God's Gift to Women'."

Gupta: "Which god?"

The Thanksgiving episode sliced through the American use of "Indian" pretty well. Outsourced is still third in its timeslot for me, but is rising fast. Another show I may wait for the DVDs...

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