Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

MayDay 2011 galleries finished

Okay then.

May Day itself was cold but not too windy. The parade started waaay late (later than the usual "late"), and everyone seemed a bit hurried to catch up and get out of the cold. Lots of crows symbolizing different aspects depending on where they were in the parade. It was a good parade, but the snow (a few flakes now and then) and the lateness put things a little off.

Still, I got to see the parade with two newbies: Carole V. and Rachel R. Watching faces is always fun, and while I mostly had my eyes on the camera I did get to see some wide-eyed sensawonder.

At the Festival, events were at least an hour behind, and I didn't stay to see the crossing of the lake by the Sun Flotilla. Ah well.

Public Facebook galleries:

20110501 Mayday Parade pt. 1
20110501 MayDay Parade pt. 2 & Festival plus MN-StF picnic

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