Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Netroots Nation 2011, Day 2

I've been to hundreds of conventions of various sorts, and I must say, NN11 Day 2 (Friday 6/17/11) was one of the more extraordinary convention experiences ever. I went to a panel with a guy who actually understands how to talk to a camera. Completely at random, I was privileged to be privy to a conversation between an impassioned Second Amendment Rights Democrat and an equally impassioned Gun Control Democrat. I talked with a blogger from Germany telling stories from her Muslim point of view.

Icing on the cake, I was part of the impromptu crowd that bodily refused Andrew Breitbart entry into the Convention Hall, chasing him away as we chanted "COWARD COWARD COWARD".

Other nifty stuff happened too, but really. Hot damn. Hot diggity damn.

Added Day 2 Pictures. Here is my public Facebook gallery for Netroots Nation 2011. Will add to it over time.

New interviews (which are also linked from their images in the above gallery):

Right after "Presence and Authenticity: The Key to Being a Media Star" conducted by Joel Silberman (mp3 4:14)

Kyle and Kathy debate gun laws (mp3 26:43)

Kübra Gümüsay, Muslim blogger from Germany. (mp3 10:31)

From Day 1

Susan Strong of the Metaphor Project. (mp3 5:20)

Aaron Oesterle of the Space Frontier Society (mp3 7:00)

Jeanna Brown from Team Rural (mp3 12:02)

Steve of Drinking Liberally (mp3 5:43)

From Day 0:

Ms Spentyouth (mp3 5:58)

Nick Faber of Blogads (mp3 4:09)

Bill From Portland Maine (mp3 5:49)

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