Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

My Evening With Enegim

ookpik was coming to Mpls for a brief professional rotation and had one evening free. We arranged a to have dinner.

I picked her up at her University of Minnesota dorm... and immediately got trapped by all the road construction and my unfamiliarity with that part of town. I kept saying, "I know where I am!" and turning onto a familiar street only to find it blocked by construction.

Several miles later, we made it to The Tea Garden near the U (but far away from her dorm). I let her choose where we had dinner from the restaurants in the area. We wound up in a Korean restaurant and had bibimbam (or however they spelled it). Not quite what either of us had been used to, but a decent mid-range college lunch spot. We stayed until they politely flicked the lights to let us know they were closing.

click on image for larger image
Enegim Enegim

Enegim at the Tea Garden in Stadium Village (near the U of MN), with waterfall sculpture in the background. 7/26/11

By this time, it was fairly late and ookpik still had some errands to run. I decided to head towards a neighborhood I knew, and wound up at Uptown. A smart decision!

We made it to the Apple Store at Uptown with minutes to spare. Shopping at Lunds for foods that could stay in an dorm without a refrigerator for a couple of days (mixed nuts and interesting cheeses). Drove down Lake St. so I could show her Carole and my condo; didn't have time to stop, but we waved.

Took 35W to the West Bank (the third time I'd made that trip in two days, thanks to the Fringe-For-All). The excursion had several good views of our postage stamp of a downtown. Ah, people from NYC and Boston can appreciate how small Mpls is.

The conversation(s) were interesting and the company pleasant. Glad to have met a longtime LJ Friend at last!
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