Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

2011 Fringe Festival Day 11: To conclude, let us finish by ending

Continuing from Day 10: Batting cleanup, hitting 1.000.

Dave's Day at Famous Dave's


Brunch n' Blues

Famous Dave's breaks the fourth wall with interactive omelet bars, performers who come up to your table and ask you pertinent questions and musicians that ask if you're enjoying yourself. We were. And being named "Dave" I got a discount. The show was…

Oh. Sorry. Force of habit.

After nearly two weeks of walking around eating Jimmy John's, quick meals at home and coffee out of a flask, Carole and I needed a Real Meal (™), and Dave's Day was a good excuse to go out.

Sunday is traditionally a one-shot. As a media person, I try to front load my coverage, making videos from rehearsals and doing radio reports early. By the last day of the Fringe, I've hit a wall. This year was no exception. We scheduled one show, my 37th, and almost didn't make that. Ah, but I'm glad we did. Meeting up with dreamshark and R, plus a number of familiar fringers, we slid into…

The Friar and the Nurse

xxxx 1/2

"A thorn by any other name"

After all the Shakespeare and Shakespeare variants, The Friar and the Nurse was a great variant, despite being *shudder* slash. Two minor characters from Romeo and Juliet finally take center stage. We follow them from before Juliet's birth until after the events in Romeo and Juliet. Sweet, funny and Elizabethan. It will bring a tear to your eye.

A very nice coda to the 2011 Fringe Festival.

Final count: 37 Fringes for me, 35 for Carole. That's not including showcases, ootiefests, videos, audio, reporting for KFAI, pictures and general carousing. The dust hasn't settled yet.

Afterwards, Carole and I went to our local Trivia game. Our team won.
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