Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Ten Years Later, Part II: Justifying lies by other people's paranoia

The opposite of the Truthers isn't hero worship for Bush/Cheney, it's a cold assessment of fact. And the fact remains that Bush went out of his way to be unprepared for a terrorist attack. He was dazed and confused on the day. (Harsh but fair humor from The Onion: Aide Interrupts Event To Inform Bush About 10th Anniversary Of 9/11.)

Indeed, the best reason to take the Truthers seriously is that the Birthers go out of their way to reject them. The same people who were so horribly wrong about WMDs, Global Warming and the Bush Tax Cuts For the Rich also clinch their sphinceter when you point out that regulations save lives and spur innovation. Republicans are usually spouting the exact opposite of reality.

Why are the loudest morons protesting so much if it's so easily disproved? Usually, they're doubling down. The arrogant stupidity of the Bush worshipers is not a particularly good reason to buy into the paranoia of the Truthers, but it is a good reason to keep asking questions.

Beware people who think that Mel Gibson makes documentaries and Michael Moore doesn't.

While the "Birthers" have been hopelessly humiliated when Obama's birth certificate (which GOP front-runner Donald Trump says his minions saw, which was a lie) was released. The false equivalence of the GOP mainstream Birthers and the outliers of the Truthers just embarrasses the radical right even further. Heck, they still don't want to acknowledg that W.'s brother Marvin was an investor in the security firm for the World Trade Center for many years, or that amongst the numerous warnings about terrorism and specifically the threat from Al Qaeda was one from Bush's own Special Agent-in-Charge of the FBI’s New York Office overseeing all of the national security matters including counterterrorism operations, John O'Neil, who resigned in disgust... to head security at the World Trade Centers. He died on 9/11, a hero.

Bush's first impulse is always to run away, and his second impulse is always to lie about it. Republicans just make shit up, and rely on their "base" of gullible morons to believe the lies and refuse to believe the truth. Bush is such a baby, he couldn't even appear in front of the 9/11 Commission without Cheney to hold his hand. And he (and Cheney) refused to answer questions under oath or in public. They are cowards.

Bush just couldn't deal, or didn't want to. He wanted to play baseball, and wasn't very good at that either. The Most Nerve-Wracking Moment of George W. Bushs Presidency Was When He Threw a Ball

Cheney used the tragedy for political gain. He didn't care. Taxpayer money was stolen and our troops were killed for conservative purposes. America is worse.

Thanks to the refusal of Bush, Cheney and the American Taliban, the terrorists have won.

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