Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Ten Years Later, Part V: The American Taliban is proud to pander to gullible morons

Even real Republicans are starting to get buyers remorse about the the monster they let take over their party: Former Republican Federal Judge Slams Senate GOP Obstruction Of Judicial Nominees.

The Tea Party is just a well-funded arm of the racism that has driven the right wing of America since it's founding. The Strategy of Racism. We fought a Civil War over racism. There are at least two Amendments to the Constitution that deal directly with the racists trying to prevent black people from voting (15 & 24). American values are liberal values as we strive to overcome our baser nature. Teabaggers are three steps back.

If we wanted to show the world that the United States of America is stronger than terrorism, we would have acted to bolster the American values of freedom, liberty and fairness under the law. Instead, thanks to Bush/Cheney and the incessant fear-mongering of the conservative news media, we have become more like the terrorists than the terrorists themselves.

Not only have the terrorists achieved all their major goals, they have corrupted American politics to exactly what they claimed it was.

And too many on the extreme right are gullible morons. They'll believe that there were no terrorist attacks after 9/11, which is a lie. Even if you discount terror attacks in other countries (putting lie to Bush's "either you're with us or with the terrorists", driving further wedges), its simply not true. The idiots try to retreat by lying to themselves even further, insisting that "terrorism" is only "Muslim terrorism". Even it that were true (and it isn't), Bush's record is dismal. The anthrax attacks (see Bush and Cipro), the assassination of Dr. Tiller, etc. The near-assassination of Rep. Giffords, while not directly connected with any terrorist group, is a clear indication that the violent rhetoric from the right is shameful and harmful.

Conservative reaction to 9/11 was so stupid that accusing someone of being a Muslim is considered a put down. Racist nutjobs regularly call Obama "Muslim". Eg, The 25 Most Un-American Reactions To The 9/11 Anniversary; Teabaggers think this childish name calling is an insult. No, it's a lie, and a repudiation of American values.

America is now more like the terrorists want us to be than the Founding Fathers wanted us to become.

I would like to be hopeful, but I mourn the loss of my country.

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