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Roger Zelazny reads at 4th Street Fantasy Convention, 1986

At the last MN-StF meeting, carbonel handed me back three of the ten tapes I'd given her to digitize, plus three DVDs with said digitization. These will most likely become four YouTube videos. Here is the first:

Fourth Street Fantasy Convention: A Video Tome
Book V: The Roger Zelazny Reading

Roger Zelazny, June 21, 1986

I took the audio of the reading of "Loki 7281" and played that a few times on the radio. Plus, of course, these were aired on our local cable access channel. I should note that the Rogers Cable System (iirc) really didn't want to spend the money on cable access, and did it's best to try to starve it to death. Rogers (or whoever brought in cable to Mpls in the first place) out and out lied about what they were going to provide the city. I worked for them, as a temp, for a few days. One of my superior said (and this is very close to an exact quote), "What we promised the city and what we are going to do are two different things." Hence, cheap equipment. This is why I went to KFAI for PZMs and other audio equipment.

I haven't seen these for a very long time. The first voice on the tape, on the intro, is Reen Brust. Whoa. Lots of people reading this are in the intro and outro (and more will be in Books to come). Everyone looks so young!

Even after so many years, the intro works (Reen and Martin explaining why 4th Street exists, while the camera approaches the hotel, the programming area slowly fills up and the panelists arrive) and the outro (as people leave the programming room, panelists sign autographs and file out, and the camera leaves the city). Perhaps only I like this; I certainly had a blast filming then editing the ancillary segments.

Speaking of which: Book II: Jane Yolen reads at 4th Street Fantasy Convention, 1986.

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