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RIP Steve Jobs: Two new posts and an old one

RIP Steve Jobs: Hippy, Innovator, Job Creator, World Changer. Because of you, we live in the future unimagined by the best science fiction writers.


Here is a tidbit I wrote for The Evengelist, Guy Kawasaki's column at, in 1999. Still valid, and I could probably continue the timelines.
I'm the Lead Instructor for Macs at Brown Institute, a technical college in Minneapolis that teaches PC/LAN and other fields. Here's a bit of my introductory lecture, edited for the EvangeList.

1977: "Star Wars" (aka "A New Hope")
1977: Apple II

1980: "The Empire Strikes Back"
1981: IBM PC

1983: "The Return of the Jedi"
1984: Macintosh

Coincidence? Well, of course. But a nice parallel. Perhaps Lucas knew something we didn't.

And why should you continue to learn Macs when so much of the world is Wintel? Again, some dates:

1977: Apple II
1981: IBM PC

1984: Mac and Mac OS (System 1)
1990: Windows 3.0

1991: System 7
1995: Windows 95

1993: AV Macs w/DSP chip
1996: Pentium chips w/MMX

1994: PowerPC Macs w/RISC chips
?: Wintel RISC chips

Apple has consistently been four to six years ahead of the rest of the personal computer world. Macs are *still* way ahead of the Wintel world. If you want to work on a computer that everyone will be using at the beginning of the next millenia, you'll be working on a new Mac now.

The flip side is that the Wintel machines do not deserve to be insulted. All machines deserve respect. Macs of 1993 were great machines, and most of the world is finally using their capabilities.

The "Mac vs. PC" argument had validity circa 1987, when computers had vastly different hardware and software capabilities, but that simply isn't the case now. Anything a Mac IIci could do, a Pentium II machine can do now, faster. Anything a 486 could do, a PowerPC Mac can do now, faster.

Apple is on the cutting edge of technology, but the world doesn't buy cutting edge. The world eats at McDonald's and tapes "Baywatch" on VHS. You deserve better. Your Mac have a longer useful lifespan and make you more productive for longer than an equivalent Wintel machine.

Okay, now turn on your Mac and let's get started...


Apple 30 Year Montage

Not the historical montage I would have liked to see (which would have ended with the first Mac speaking the revolutionary audio, "Hello, I'm a Mac"), but a good, uplifting celebration of technology circa 1997-2007. To the Polyphonic Spree no less.

When Apple passed Microsoft as the world's most valuable technology company last year, I laughed and laughed. The hippies had won. Again.

Gleaned from Tak Wolf


Bonus link from The Onion: Last American Who Knew What The Fuck He Was Doing Dies

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