Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

MN-StF Halloween 2011 CE & c

A busy week, capped off by the MN-StF Halloween at Dream Park.

Carole and I went up to St. Cloud for a conference on sharing information re: substance abuse. 20111026-28 Program Sharing Conference, St. Cloud MN. The conference was interesting. I semi-ghosted, but checked in with the equivalent of Chair and Vice-Chair, who welcomed me. Met some very passionate people who are helping the world. Occupy Minnesota (and related Occupy events) are pointing out problems, but the conference presenters solve problems one person at a time. Being around life-affirming people was uplifting and gave me hope far more than the political scene.

I'd never been to St. Cloud, and played tourist. A beautiful city, somewhat lacking in cultural amenities such as good restaurants. I suppose that's to be expected in a place an hour away from Mpls-St. Paul. The city and area have a fascinating history that we in the cities don't usually pay attention to, and the Stearns History Museum is good. Might go back for the Munsinger Gardens when they're in full flower.

Got my property tax refund... the day after a piece of my camera fell off. Is this the universe telling me I need a new camera? Looking at the HS 20, essentially the current highest end of my present camera, with better sensor and 30x zoom. Anything more would be pricey and a larger camera. But we'll see. I normally wait for the after Christmas sales for this sort of purchase, but might be able to catch a good price before Black Friday.

Now, we need to decompress. Not going to make galacticvoyeur's retirement party, alas.

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