Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

"X does not always mark the spot"

What I'm supposed to do: Write ten words beginning with an assigned letter, and an explanation of what the word means to me.

What you're supposed to do: Comment on this entry and I’ll assign you a letter at random. In this case, I'll assign you the random (to me) letter of your middle initial. (If you have more than one middle name, the last one).

I normally don't play these kind of reindeer games, but what the heck. I commented to akirlu and got tagged with/assigned to: X. An odd enough choice that I went with it.

X-Minus One - A science fiction radio program. While I never listened to it until I started on my own science fiction radio program, its influence remains huge on the whole genre. It actually... had a budget. Good writing, good acting, good production.

Xerxes - Aheseurus, the King in the Purim story. A bad guy who did good thanks to the love of a woman.

XXX - *hic* Legal drugs! I'm not much on wine, but a good beer or single malt is drunk as much for the taste as the buzz. As a drug, alcohol is almost as good as caffeine.

XXX - "Let's face it: Dirty books are fun. But I suppose you can't argue that in front of the Supreme Court." -- Tom Lehrer. Hey, I like naked women cavorting. (The cavorting part is important.) Also, I have a long rant on how the countries that have the greatest access to porn/prostitutes/abortion are the countries that have the most freedom for women. Let's face it: Real people are messy. But I suppose you can't argue that in front of the Supreme Court.

On a related note: X Chromosome - Thanks, dad.

Xerox - I pubbed lots of ishes with it. Xerography was cleaner than ditto and mimeo, less expensive than offset. Easier to use and therefore without the panache, photocopying was quick, easy, allowed for photography and illustration and wasn't particularly expensive. Now, I use html but that's another letter.

Xanth - Pun filled series by Pierce Anthony that were continuously recommended to me. The punning was supposed to be my cup of tea, since I made so many. Unfortunately for Anthony, I made good ones. The first Xanth novel was pretty good but the second and third were only okay. None of the others were even recommended.

Xanthan gum -A food thickener in sauces and an agent in ice cream that prevents ice crystals from forming. It's a food additive I don't mind so much, but still a mark of lower-quality items. I pay attention to such things. Don't you?

X-Rays - I was in and out of hospitals as a kid, and get my teeth x-ray'd during most visits, but for the most part I've avoided most medical exposures. I don't know what this means, if anything, but I bet that too much x-raying exacerbates other problems.

The X Men - For a while, my favorite Marvel comic. I've always preferred the groups (JLA, Legion of Superheroes, etc) and the far-outness of the X-Men was always kind of fun. Moreso than the Avengers, which didn't attract me until later, probably the Englehart years. Also, I've always felt close to the X The Unknown symbology, more than omegas or pi or ampersands. That's me, inscrutable.

Xena, Warrior Princess - Not, perhaps, a huge influence on me, but I watched the show and it was fun. Moreso than The X-Files, which I really didn't like all that much.

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