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Baron Dave Romm

Art of the Snapshot I gallery done at last/Duckman

Given that The Art of the Snapshot II is on the Minicon 47 schedule, I figured it was time to close The Art of the Snapshot gallery on Facebook. After some consideration, I only added one more picture, completing the sequence at the end. I was thinking about a few more examples of cropping, but they can wait.

To flesh out a short post, here's a great episode of Duckman. America the Beautiful blew me away the first time I saw it, circa 1995, and did it again as Carole and I are going through the disks from Netflix (this episode on the third disk).

Saturday morning cartoon... for grownups. Duckman was one of the more unheralded half-hour cartoons of the 1990s, largely because it was on a cable network.

Duckman was USA's network foray into prime time programming, 1994-97, and combined crude animation, cruder language, a deliberate attempt to insult almost everyone, an unlikeable main character who was remarkably sympathetic in his attempts to be close to his family, a unique set of characters and some brilliant writing. A lot of writing; Duckman mutters under his breath ala Popeye and the signage alone is worth getting the DVDs to pause on. The theme music was by Frank Zappa, and they used a few of his songs in later episodes. The voice work was great. Voices including Jason Alexander and Dweezil Zappa and (in this episode) Bobcat Goldthwait and June Lockhart.

An acquired taste, and the uninitiated may not like Duckman on first viewing. "America the Beautiful" remains one of my favorite, if not my favorite, episode of the series. It has one of the best lines on tv, ever. (Which I'll talk about later, in comments.) I'm mildly surprised to find the whole thing on YouTube, but here it is.

Lyrics to "We Are There"


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