Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

20120228 Hennepin History Museum gallery

Prompted by minnehaha K, cavandal, mle292 and I hopped over to the Hennepin History Museum. We had lunch first, to see if Carole's leg could handle being out and about, and a building with stairs. It was, so we went.

Public FB gallery: 20120228 Hennepin History Museum. mle292's LJ report/gallery: A surprising number of animals.

The fun part of a history museum is the connections one can make with the present. A painting of Minnehaha Falls suggested comparisons with a more recent picture in a different FB gallery. The library had a fair amount of material about the Nicollet Ballpark, which was on the location where Carole and I live. So I updated one of my Hidden Minneapolis exegeses. And we found source material for Emily's user icons.

A fun visit! A guided tour would still be interesting. And there are other History Museums around we haven't explored.
Tags: hidden minneapolis

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