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"Diamond Star": Forming a band in a sea of musicians

Diamond Star, Marscon 2012

Catherine Asaro sings from the soundtrack to her novel

There is a story behind this video. I shall put it behind a cut, since it's long and has more pictures.

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Catherine Asaro and Baron Dave Romm, Marscon 3/10/12 Catherine Asaro and Baron Dave Romm, Marscon 3/10/12
Catherine Asaro was one of the Guest of Honor at Marscon 2012. I had the privilege of interviewing her in the relaxed Krushenko's literature room.
photo by cavandal

I had never met Catherine Asaro, nor read any of her novels, when I was tapped to interview her for Marscon. This is not terribly unusual; indeed, the unusual part was that I had several months of prep time. I read three of her novels (including Quantum Rose, the physics-based sort-of-romance novel that won a Nebula) and listened to both the CDs that were recommended.

Catherine is an interesting person; a Physics PhD, musician, dancer, futurist and author. The interview went splendidly.

Near the end of our talk, she asks me:

"Do you know any musicians here?"

"Yes", I say confidently.

"They'd have to learn the material by tomorrow noon."

"Oh, no problem."

"I'd pay."

"Oh yes. They've never heard that before!"

Two musicians Two musicians
Within 15 minutes of Catherine Asaro's request for musicians, we were turning them away.

I repeated this out loud, and immediately a musician or two came up to her. The picture above was taken literally 15 minutes after the interview ended. And the schedule for the guy on the left (Jonah Rees, who works with Rob Callahan) didn't work out. I felt a little bad that we couldn't fit everyone in.

Still, they were going to get paid. I said with a smile, "perhaps I should get 10% commission, as your agent."

Gross Elizabeth (of The Potential Slayers) said, "Will you take it out in hugs?"

I nodded, "Remember my motto: I can be bribed."

And so I got a great hug for my efforts. Oh, and set in motion the formation of a great impromptu band, which I originally called (for lack of a name) "The Skyfall Touring Band" and Catherine changed to "The Marscon Apocalyptic Band".

Diamond Star, book and CD Diamond Star, book and CD
Catherine Asaro's novel "Diamond Star" comes with a soundtrack.
photo by cavandal

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