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Encore: The Encore

A Minicon 47 Moment
Encore: The Encore
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Team Chas,  Minicon 4/24/11 Team Chas, Minicon 4/24/11
The Encore game at Minicon 46, Team Chas, second place finishers

Last year, chasophonic and chirosinger introduced the game Encore to Minicon. They tapped me, a radio dj, to host the event. The game is so easy that I felt compelled to make up rules and bend the old ones as I saw fit.

Basic rules: Divide the group into two (or more) teams. The board game has cards and dice to help select words at random. Pffft on that; I just picked words that I thought were interesting, even if they weren't on any card. One team comes up with a song with the word in the lyrics, minimum 6 words. The next team does the same. If the other team can't think of another song, the last team with a guess gets a point. After a set time (in our case, the hour programming slot), you total the points and declare a winner.

My additions to the rules: First, I was pretty loose as to what constituted a "song", to include songs that quoted other songs. Second, I freely ruled on the validation of variants of the words. Third, I made the last contest worth more points so the trailing team had a chance to win. For the 2011 contest, the ragtag group of challengers rose to the occasion. Team Chas suffered it's first defeat.

For the 2012 contest at Minicon 47, we decided to eschew actual competition and have everyone be on the same team, coming up with as many songs as possible together. Socialist Encore.

Some of Team Chas, 4/8/12 Some of Team Chas, 4/8/12
For Minicon 47, all the players worked together. Here is part of the group, which morphed over time.

I kept track, and here is the list of words I slung at the contestants. Number by the word is the how many songs the group came up with that had the word in the lyric, minimum six words. A parenthetical number is how many of those songs they "filked", ie wrote a song on the spot, minimum 12 words and a rhyming couplet.

Hotel 6 (1 filk)
Brother 10
NCAA 1 (1; not merely filked but choreographed)
Filking the lyric Filking the lyric
One of my rules for the game of Encore is that you can filk (ie make up) a song with the word in it, as long as the lyric is 12 words and has at least one rhyming couplet. Here, Chas and Becca not merely filk to "NCAA", but choreograph the song.

Basketball 2 (1 filk)
Italy 2 (1 filk)
Shit 3 (1 filk)
Redemption 1 (1 filk)
Minnesota 8
Eggplant 2 (1 filk)
Halloween 3
Highway 17
Death 3
Bivalve 0 (though a good attempt from pieeyed) (ETA from mle292 song with the word 'bivalve' in it)
Circle 7
Bob Dylan 2 (note: merely "Dylan" would have generated more songs)
Hound 2
Happy 18 (ending on a high note)

Some of Team Chas, 4/8/12 Some of Team Chas, 4/8/12
Some of the other members of the Encore game at Minicon 47.

After the last year's game, Team Chas kept encountering the words from the game in songs they hadn't thought of. At the filk circle at this year's con, they had already come up with several more from this list. Though not "bivalve".

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