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Covers of TV Theme Songs

The CD Exchange is alive and well. This year, skjam took matters into his hands. The rules are... open. Anyone can pick a theme for their mix CD, and skjam will act as an apa OE and distribute to anyone not going to Convergence.

So I decided to resurrect one of my favorite Shockwave Radio Theater recurring shows: Folk Songs for Yuppies: TV Theme Songs. And not just the themes (which, circa 1985 were nifty to play all by themselves) but covers of tv theme songs. I may retire the "Folk Songs For Yuppies" tag, as that, too, seems passé. I don't really have a name yet. In any event, here is the current playlist. I'll probably tinker with it a little before the final burn. If you have any suggestions or other comments that will make this better, please let me know.

comments in italics

1. Theme From The Addams Family Frank Sinatra (Joey Gaynor) 2:50
The Vic Mizzy lyrics sung ala "New York, New York" in Sinatra style
2. Gilligan's Island/Stairway Little Roger and the Goosebumps 3:20
Still one of my favorite parodies
3. Scooby Doo Theme Tonic Sol-fa 2:05
A faithful a cappella adaption
4. I Love Lucy Desi Arnaz 1:53
He wrote the song, and sings it with the lyrics
5. Money For Nothing/Beverly Hlllbillies Weird Al Yankovic 3:07
6. The Monkees Benzedrine Monks Of Santo Domonica 3:05
7. The Monkees Ray Stevens 3:12
...oom pah
8. William Tell Overture Brave Combo 3:38
9. Hawaii 5-0 theme Sammy Davis Jr. 2:08
With lyrics
10. Song of a Six Million Dollar Man The Nick Atoms 2:12
To "The Son of a Preacher Man"
11. John Mellencamp's "Theme from 24" Paul & Storm 1:44
Not an actual theme, since "24" didn't have one, but show details to "Jack and Diane"
12. Spiderman tv theme The Ramones 2:07
13. Making Our Dreams Come True (Theme From "Laverne And Shirley") Those Darn Accordions 2:02
14. Pokemon theme in Hungarian 1:03
Brian Westley found this one (and a few others) on April Winchell's site, now gone
15. Mighty Mouse Allen Toussaint Orchestra 2:02
A surprisingly faithful version
16. The Woody Woodpecker Song Danny Kaye 2:12
17. Rawhide Michael Jackson (Jerrett Michaels) 2:43
Done to "Billy Jean" ala Jackson
18. Bonanza Johnny Cash 2:20
Sung on the pilot episode, iirc
19. Lost In Space The Nick Atoms 1:51
The good, second, theme, done punk
20. Growing Pains a cappella 1:00
Another from the April Winchell site, and I don't know the artist
21. Theme From Rocky and Bullwinkle Birdsongs of the Mesozoic 1:29
These guys, especially Erik Lindgren, are really weird
22. George Of The Jungle Weird Al Yankovic 1:05
I almost don't include this as a cover, since it's so faithful to the original
23. Who Let The Frog Out the great Luke Ski 3:09
Not really a cover, but does have some of the Muppet opening
24. The Fishin' Hole Fred Penner 2:54
An older song was used as the Theme to "The Andy Griffith Show", and here it is with the lyrics
25. RIP Don Knotts Paul & Storm 0:28
The above theme, done as a dirge on Knott's passing
26. Yakety Sax Richie Cole 2:11
A version of the "Benny Hill Show" theme done by one of the writers
27. My Heart Would Be A Fireball 1:09
The music over the closing, not the theme, but I love it
28. Theme From "Star Trek" Nichelle Nichols 3:33
Roddenberry wrote lyrics to the theme, so he could get royalties. Here, Uhura sings them
29. Who Is The Doctor? The Nick Atoms 3:00
The theme, done punk
30. Little League Space Negros 1:16
Another bit of Erik Lindgren weirdness; not really a theme, but "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" which is close enough
31. Gizzards, Scrapple, And Tripe The New Duncan Imperials 3:02
The "Flipper" theme with new words
32. Underdog Allen Toussaint Orchestra 1:55
A faithful version
33. Theme From "The Avengers" Laurie Johnson Orchestra 2:20
This isn't so much a cover as a redone version for CD
34. The Green Hornet Allen Toussaint Orchestra 2:28
Nice version of "Flight of the Bumblebees"
35. Horny The Ringling Sisters 1:05
Spoken word, not even remotely a theme song but I love this cut. I found this CD is a cheapo bin many years ago. When I pick up an unknown CD at semi-random, it's a crapshoot whether I find anything of value. Still, some of my favorite obscure songs were acquired in this manner

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