Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Convergence 2012 photos and videos now up

Okay, I'm finally done with Convergence stuff. Mostly. Here is everything, in a bunch:

Public Facebook galleries:

20120704-5 Convergence (Sun) Wed-Thurs
20120706-7 Convergence Friday and early Saturday
20120707-08 Saturday (cont) and Sunday

YouTube Videos behind a cut:

20120707 3D Modeling at Convergence

20120706 "Tong Nian"/"Childhood" by R & D (Ruth Anderson and David Scott)

20120707 "Swamp Stomp" by Scott Keever

20120707 "Monster Movie Part 2" by Scott Keever w/Luna Rouge

20120707 "Subterranean Karanfile" by Scott Keever w/Natalie Nowytski

And to end where I began Convergence coverage:

I Am A Convergence and So Can You

Okay, now that I've seen all the photos and videos, I can now say that I had a great time at the con!

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