Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm
barondave now up as a WordPress site.

Thanks to everyone who gave me advice and tips on WordPress. Without too much of a hassle I installed the software and figured out some of the basics. is still in the formative stages, but is presentable enough for me to announce it. As always, comments, tips and suggestions are welcome. WordPress allows for html tags, but not all of them and some of my reformating might be raw.

The conceptual leap I had to make was the difference between Pages and Posts. I'm a web designer, mired in the 20th century. I like my web sites stable and archival. Blogs are far more ephemeral and interactive. Not a bad thing, to be sure, but I like to cater to people with longer attention spans than those who check every ten seconds for a Twitter feed or FB status update.

So a little of both as of now (Friday morning), subject to change: My mother's articles on writing (from Editor & Publisher in the 80s) are Pages, which will remain listed on the front page, and brother Joe's posts from his Climate Progress blog are posts, which will scroll off into the archives.

Eventually, we'll add more of mom's writing guides and Joe's book on rhetoric will be published in a few months. And who knows, we may decide to go in a completely different direction. At the moment, Joe is preparing to testify in front of a House committee (see his blog) so I'm just hacking in content.

Again, thanks for all the feedback.

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