Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Fringe 2012: Little to none

Well, I'm not a journalist, by Fringe Festival standards. Since everything I do for the Fringe (or KFAI for that matter) is as a volunteer, I can't afford to do much, if anything, without access. I've already shot video for one dress rehearsal and will be at the Ootiefest tonight. I may simply follow a few artists around.

But I may not go to any actual Fringe shows. Over the last several years, I've reviewed more Fringes than any other person, iirc, but but even Michael Phelps will have to retire sometime.

The Fringe is a wonderful thing, and I encourage people to go and explore.

A lot of time has just been freed up. Carole's limited mobility was going to restrict her Fringing, and now even that's not necessary. Biggest winners: The Nicollet Repaving photos, and my brother's web site for his new book on language.
Tags: fringe festival

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