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Fringe 2012: First two shows were okay

I'm not doing a Total Immersion Fringe, so the plan all along was to go back to the 5-7 show range. As it happened, both Carole and I were busy and couldn't get out until Sunday night, Day Four. And while I like to see the hot shows, only seeing five star shows is not true Fringing.

I did two phone interviews with ooties (Out Of Towners). When the Fringe said I wasn't a journalist, that project went away. Possibly for the best, since neither sound file was very good. Still, both of the shows can be considered as repaying social obligations. Good thing they were back-to-back in the same venue.

The first show, "SuperHappyMelancholy-expialidocious" was one of the best five minute excerpts at the Ootiefest. He didn't have nearly the energy for the same segment during the show. Meanwhile, "The Habit" did a good excerpt but mainly I just wanted to see what Loria, a friend since his last Fringe four years ago, was up to.

Both shows were in the Three to Three and a Half star range, but the first one rounded down because I didn't think it worked and the second I rounded up because I thought it did. Still, I'm going to ameliorate my usual statement, "I don't consider it a Fringe until I see something I don't like" to "I don't consider it a Fringe until I see something I wouldn't necessarily recommend". In which case, I've already Fringed.

Here are the reviews I posted on the Fringe website. (They didn't let me post reviews last year…)



"There's a grizzly around the corner"

A cathartic show for Seth Lepore, one hopes, though his observations on depression and therapy didn't strike home all the time. Some nice skits about selling happiness and falling in line with expectations strung together by a personal narrative. The energy level in his Showcase excerpt was great but unsustained for an hour. The higher energy sections of the one-man show were the best. Three and a half stars, rounded down. A Shockwave Radio Theater Review.

The Habit


Brazilian rhythms

Wilson Loria is always interesting to watch. The Brazilian/Portuguese roots of his storytelling are evident. Sometimes, these seem odd to American audiences. I'm still not sure of all that happens in the one-man play about a nun in love, but I got caught up in the multifaceted narrative. Just watching Loria dance around the stage is a treat, taking off and putting on various costumes. Three and a half stars rounded up for a sustained series of images. A Shockwave Radio Theater Review.

Next up: "Ash Land" and "Candide"

ETA: Added Sunday pics to 20120731- Fringe & Uptown Art Fair public Facebook gallery.
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