Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Fringe 2012: An emotional ending

Sunday, 8/12/12

One more show to go. Carole and I had several possibilities, and finally decided on a show I really wanted to see in a close-by venue with easy parking.


Sin Eater

More Showcase Than Show


Tamara Ober has to create her own category of movement, somewhere between ballet and mime. "Sin Eater" develops very slowly, telling a simple story yet powerful and personal with tremendous ramifications. She relies heavily on music and lighting, and uses both to great effect. The narrative never really resolves, but that doesn't detract from the imagery; her interaction works in the small Fringe venue. In a different mood I might have given fewer than five stars, but almost everyone in the theater was affected; more than a few were teary. Five stars.


Six Fringes this year. There were a dozen or more shows that we wanted to get to, but didn't. No regrets. The Fringe is what it is, and we sampled shows serious and silly, emotional and flippant, dance and dialog. We went to four venues, and saw the Audience Pick for two of them, so our choices were strong.

And while the 2012 Fringe itself may be over, the reverberations will be felt for some time. I look forward to remounts, longer versions and continuing work from many Fringe artists.
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