Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Clint Eastwood urges Obama to be more liberal

I've tried to follow this year's Republican National Convention, but it's been painful to watch a once-great party descend into pasted on smiles and institutionalized lies. I was at the 2008 RNC, where Palinmania outshone any support McCain had. For the second nominating convention in a row, the most recent Republican president and Vice President made no appearance and were widely ignored in speeches.

Then there was the entertainment.

Clint Eastwood had all but endorsed a Barack Obama second term with his Superbowl Ad It's Halftime In America. And yet he was the Republican's surprise speaker on the last night of the convention.

Clint's speech was rambling and clearly unscripted, but it was anything but incoherent. He made his talking points (but not Republican talking points), pandered to his audience (though backhandedly endorsing Romney) and led the audience in saying one of his signature movie lines.

Clint Eastwood urged Obama to move to the left: He admitted Hollywood isn't solely made up of liberals and Republican perceptions were wrong. He talked of crying with joy when Obama was elected, like Oprah, but feel he didn't live up to his promises. He chided Obama for not closing Gitmo, congratulated him on ending the Iraq war and admonished him to stop the Afghan war now. Clint chided Barack for using a "gas guzzling" airplane.

His endorsement of Romney should be in quotes: His "endorsement" of Romney:

"When someone does not do the job we've got to let 'em go" which applies more to teabaggers than Obama. Eastwood said we shouldn't elect people just because they seemed like nice guys… or not so nice given political ads; he's against negative advertising. (A Republican coming out against smear campaigns! Well, that's several hundred million dollars down the drain.) Clint knows how to please a crowd so pitched a bit of GOP, but not much. Never talked about any of the right-wing talking points. Of course, Clint is in favor of marriage equality and (I assume) wants to do something about global warming, so he avoided the subject. Later in his clearly unscripted speech he mentioned that he didn't like lawyers as president and wanted a businessman, but half-heartedly mentioned Romney (who has a law degree) and when he mention the GOP nominee, briefly talked about the "stellar businessman". He seemed almost self-mocking, knowing Romney has said very specifically he didn't want to run on his record at Bain.

Clint talked to an empty chair, which I thought was a fine rhetorical device, but the Clint the movie director only played the lines that made the audience gasp. Obama came off pretty well as an imaginary friend. According to Clint, Obama will do well by running as the moderate liberal he was elected to be in the first place.

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