Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Nicollet Ave Repaving -- Our Story So Far 5/7/12-8/31/12 Minneapolis, MN

The Nicollet Ave. Repaving project is NOT finished, and this video is preliminary.

This is just some of the action that took place at the intersection of Nicollet and 31st. I could do similar videos for parts of Nicollet between Lake and 31st (showing the streetcar rails and cobblestones) and for more of the work farther South. At some point, I'll make a Quick Guide To Road Construction gallery.

When I started this project, I just wanted to take a few pictures of them working on the road next to where I live. I knew basically nothing about road construction. Now, four plus months later, I know almost nothing about road construction. And know all-too-much about the baseball stadium that was on the block where Carole and I live, and the streetcar system in Mpls, which ended before I was born.

Feedback on the video would be useful. What am I doing right? What am I doing wrong? Was it worth doing at all? Would you like to see more? Thanks.

(Yes, I've posted this before and taken it down when I was dissatisfied with the upload. I see a few flaws and if I had the time I'd make a few tweaks. I wish the MN Historical Society would hurry up and approve my use of their pictures; I'd add at least one to this video.)

Nicollet Ave Repaving -- Our Story So Far 5/7/12-8/31/12 Minneapolis, MN

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