Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Tropical Vacation Mix CD

Okay, dreamshark is going on vacation. She has all sorts of music. So naturally, she wants more. In addition to the Shockwave Radio Emergency Reggae CD in an earlier post, I came up with a few songs for Tropical Vacation.

Stone Age Bayou -- Dinosaurs 3:10
South American Way -- Andrews Sisters, The 2:42
Monkey Vendor -- Tokens, The 2:45
Bahamas Pajamas -- Joe Scruggs 3:16
Easter Island Head -- Throat Culture 2:49
Brazil -- Enoch Light 2:51
Bananas -- Paxton, Tom 3:30
Coconuts -- Debbi Friedlander 2:54
Croak-A-Ribit -- Banana Slug String Band 2:42
The Swimming Song -- Loudon Wainwright III 2:28
Coconut -- Nilsson 3:52
Brown Eyed Girl -- Tonic Sol-fa 2:47
Agua De Beber -- Astrud Gilberto/Tom Jobim 2:18
Discovery -- Dandelion Wine 3:19
Humpty Dumpty -- Joe Scruggs 2:29
Brother John/Iko Iko -- Neville Brothers 5:36
Lamou Rive -- Descendents 2:50
Mississippi -- John Phillips 3:36
Jamaica Ska -- Fishbone & Annette Funichello 3:40
Hakuna Matata -- Jimmy Cliff Featuring Lebo M 4:22
Octopus's Garden -- Beatles 2:51
Under The Sea -- Samuel E. Wright 3:14
Atlantis -- Donovan 5:05

Kinda stretches "tropical" from her vacation spot in the Caribbean, but so be it.

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