Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

New TV Shows 2012 first pass

The Mindy Project A

Vegas B

Mob Doctor D

Revolution F

Okay, the new fall season is just starting, and there are several new shows that either haven't started yet or that Carole and I just ignored. And all of these are based on one or two shows, so we may change our mind, but here they are.

The Mindy Project is the kind of "beautiful successful girl can't find a man" show that I find hard to believe but sometimes watch anyway. What the heck; I still remember That Girl fondly and The Mary Tyler Moore Show was a classic.

The pilot episode of The Mindy Project was great. Mindy, an OBGYN, has major problems with the men in her life, but has sex anyway. She's 31 and her dentist boyfriend recently dumped her for a Serbian coffee cake hostess (or somesuch) who's teeth he fixed. She gets drunk at his wedding and... that would be telling. Mindy, a South Asian born in America, is obsessed with romantic comedies like When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle, though the show reminded me more of Amelie. She's not afraid to talk about sex (considering that she delivers babies for a living) and neither are the handsome doctors around her.

While I don't want to pronounce too much on the basis of one episode, it was easily the best of the lot we saw.

Vegas is set in 1960, before things like Miranda Warnings, Atmospheric A-Bomb Test Bans, forensic science or not having bathrooms for whites only. Lots of good actors, and it was easily the best directed show. Dennis Quaid is very good as the former military MP who really just wants to ranch cattle but gets called in to be sheriff (by itself, more than one of the major sub-plots established). Michael Chiklis is the new mob boss in town, and has loads of fun chewing the scenery. All sorts of corrupt officials, favoritism and testosterone abound. A lot happened in the pilot, and most of it worked. Still, I'll give it a few more shows to perk.

The Mob Doctor has an interesting saving grace: It's based on a true story. Still, hard to believe. A doctor saves her brother's life by making a deal for his debts to them, and she's on the hook. In the two shows on so far, she effortlessly bounces between her two lives. The hospital has no clue. The mob guys are sort of believable, but you'd think it would be easier just to have their own docs around. Carole is more into doctor shows than I am, and I might have given up after the first one, but we persevered. Could get better, but I don't have a lot of hope.

Revolution is another JJ Abrams show, so you know it's going to disappoint. In the pilot, everything stops working. Electricity, automobiles, radio. Of course, guns work. Fifteen years later, everything is still out and bands of militia roam the country beating up on the folks just trying to survive. The hero, who may or may not have knowledge about the apocalyptic event, has a brother who happens to be a super killing machine.


There was a second episode which we might have checked out, but it was opposite two older shows that came on: Castle, which is still good, and Hawaii 5-0, which slipped off our viewing schedule last season but was still our preferred choice over Revolution. If you liked The Road but wanted less background and more creepy paranoia, this is your show.

Some of the older shows are still good: Alphas, Hell on Wheels. But we're having a lot of fun watching MeTV's reruns of Dobie Gillis.

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