Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

NaHaWriMo Nov 1-12, 2012CE

Here are my contributions to National Haiku Writing Month, starting with one I didn't write just to prime the pump. Lots of election coverage and current events get noted.

Paper needs grading
shows ken but not mastery
student gets a B
-- College professor haiku from Deb Geisler

"Vagina," she says
Scaring boys in Michigan
With her lady parts

Principal road work
Repaving Nicollet Ave.
Done for Twenty Twelve

Raising suspicion
Our clocks are not what they seem
Fell backward last night

Barrage of ads say
Day of Judgment is at hand
Polls close tomorrow

Vote vote vote vote vote
The bad guys don't want you to
So vote already

Polling is right on
Republicans look stupid
Nate Silver calls it

Obama's mandate
Is to be more liberal
Just as he promised

Republicans whine
Suppressing five million votes
Could not steal the night

The wrong emphasis
Was placed onto "betray us"
Accent on the "us"

Dorothy's plain dress
doesn't scratch Seven Year Itch
like Marilyn's frock
-- re Judy Garland's Wizard of Oz dress fetching $480,000

To our warriors
We cannot thank you enough
Please accept haiku

Coffee tastes different
A bright world of muffled sound
Smells of damp and cold

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