Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Turning the corner on regime change in the US

The latest Harris Poll Interactive has Bush's approval rating at 29%. Who are these idiots who still approve of the scandal-plagued, morally deviant, incompetent, smug and uncaring George W?

Republican governor of Kentucky indicted by grand jury. "This has been a politically motivated, media-driven investigation from the start," whined the governor's spokesman, a tactic that didn't work for Tom DeLay either.

The rate of US deaths in Iraq is on the rise and despite many more police and security forces, the rate of violence against civilians in the last 10 weeks is "about 80% higher than the level of violence late last year". Bush refuses to hold anyone at the top responsible and Rumsfeld seems to know where all the dead bodies are.

An expansion of the Duke Cunningham scandal has turned to Republican Rep. Jerry Lewis and "several members of the House Appropriations Committee".

America must wake up: Zero tolerance for Republicans.

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